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Episode #109 – Practice Your Social Media Marketing and the Difficult Will Become Easy!

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What is really easy for you?  I look at something so obvious as typing that question and think of how difficult it once was to type.  I type fast.  But that didn’t “just happen”.  I took a typing class in high school and practiced.  However, until I looked back at all of the years of continued usage of my typing skills, I never really thought about the difficulty it was to type “stupid” things like “the quick brown fox…”

Take your morning routine for an example, how many things do you do before you even start working, that were once difficult tasks, now made easy?  It’s possibly hundreds.

Social Media and the use of it for marketing have only been around for 10 years.  You may have just “jumped in” to it this past year.  Why are you so frustrated?  There’s no reason to be so hard on yourself.  This is something that is easy only after it’s difficult.

The learning curve is big. But it’s not entirely new. There are many aspects that are familiar to marketing that you’ve used for years.  You take photos, craft messages, and build an audience.  Let’s compare email marketing and direct mail.  To send a message via email you need to have a database.  The same is true of sending a post card… you need a database.  Next is your message… you need it for email just the same as a postcard.  Finally visuals, both need something to catch the eye, one twist is with email you can use video.  Essentially they are very similar.

If you are creating a post on Facebook, you also need three things, a visual, a message and an audience. So what is making this so difficult?  Rules.  You just need to know the rules.  Learn the demographics, for example if you were targeting 60 year olds, Snapchat is not the most useful social media tool due to the demographics.  If you create beautiful photos or visuals at your business, then Instagram or Pinterest might be the better platforms for you.

The only way things get easy is to practice…  So take a moment and decide if the reason you “have difficulty” with social media is because you don’t have time… or have trouble with creating messages (content) or if you simply don’t understand the rules (logistics) – then craft your plan to over come with either practice or education… Hint: there are lots of online education mini-courses on YouTube to start with.


Finally, you’ve just got to get out there, develop a plan, and just “do”. Jump in.  Go for it!

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Action Step
1- List three things you’ve done today that were once difficult.
2- Write down the most difficult part of your social media plan… is it time, content, or logistics.
3- Decide if  you need education or practice to overcome #2?  Then just “do”.
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