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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 780 – Two for One!

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Saturday: Try This!

Normally on “Try This!” I like to feature a real world business idea… I find these when I’m shopping.

Yeah, I’m the weirdo that you see taking photos in stores. But that aside, today I’m giving you a bonus “Try This!” because it’s actually TWO ideas in one.

Here’s a great sign that was in the bathroom at the convenience store…

The first awesome idea is that it was in the restroom!  You have a completely captive audience – it’s also an uncluttered environment.  Your message has a great chance to be “heard”.

Ummmmm did it work… heck yeah, sorta – I mean I bought a car wash, not a 10 count card, but I did buy a car wash that I had no idea I was buying that day! 

The second awesome idea is to offer a bundle product.

Now, I bought one car wash ticket, but the sign encourages the discount for buying a bundle of 10!  It also has a smaller option for a bundle of 5.

When you’re looking to increase your average ticket sale, considering selling in multiples!

There ya go – two ideas for one “Try this”


Try this!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Week in Review”!
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