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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 779 – Stop Subtracting Personality… Add Details to Posts to Multiply Results Without Dividing Your Time!

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Quote: “A new day and another opportunity”

Friday: Big Money Small Change

How clever are you?  Well… here’s a great post that really shows some creativity.  It’s the type of post we regularly talk about – something that gabs attention and suits a purpose without saying “here’s the purpose of this post”

Look at it!

This is a brain teaser that each student was given to learn more about their new teacher…  and the teacher shared it on her Instagram.  The cool thing is this… if you were a teacher it’s a great “pop up” on your feed that will make you think… “I can do this” – but if you’re not a teacher – it’s fun to figure out how many siblings she has, how many miles she’s biked… etc.

You really learn about the teacher without reading, “I am 27 years old and enjoyed 12th grade…. blah blah blah”

Excellent teacher.

Posts should engage and draw you in… just like this!  Don’t be afraid to get creative.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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