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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 689 – Stop Watching that Video… If You Can!

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Quote: “Storytelling is a conversation even when people are not talking back.”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency

I need a show of hands.  How many of you have been totally sucked into a video on Facebook?

OMG – last night I started watching watching a Facebook video that I’ve seen before!  YES… I was sucked in a second time!  Let’s see if you know the one.  It’s the woman who’s husband approaches her for a divorce, but she says give it 30 days… at the end she dies.

OK total spoiler alert… right?!?

So what is it that makes something soooooo intriguing that I would watch it twice? The Story!

This is what makes the world go around – the better your story, the better your ability to draw someone into your site.

Here’s the secret – I am bad at this skill.  I recognize it and I try harder but I really struggle with storytelling.  Especially when I create a listing.  I mean, why do I need to include anything outside that’s it’s a cotton T shirt, right?

Yeah… start to think of your listings as mini dramas.  Tell a story of how to use the product – NOT a big drawn out Facebook slide show — but set the stage and get your reader to envision how to use your product.  It’s the “wear this T shirt on a walk with your kids” remember I said I’m not great at this skill… but you get the idea.

Introduce and set the stage!  Take a few moments to get past describing the product and start describing HOW the product creates emotions – also known as the story!

And by listings I also mean posts!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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