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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 688 – Just Start Talking

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Quote: “Speak from the heart”

Monday: Subject Matter Expert


Imagine you’re on an elevator and the other person there notices the logo on your shirt and asks, “what does that business do?”

You’re ready, right?  This post is kind of lame… you’re familiar with the “elevator speech” and you can rattle off what you do without any difficulty.

Perfect, that’s good – task one done.  Have an elevator speech.

NOW… imagine you’re given 10 minutes to speak on any topic of your business, what do you choose?

That’s a little more of a challenge, isn’t it!  But it’s something I really want you to think about AND I want you to record this!  Yes… make a video.


It’s great practice.  Also, the thing you can speak about for 10 minutes in your business IS the thing that makes you a Subject Matter Expert.

Positioning yourself as the Subject Matter Expert will draw people to you and that’s important to your online presence.

Now all you have to do is pretend the elevator is stuck for 10 minutes… wait, I hate elevators, so let’s pretend we’re on one of those really long moving walkways at the airport and just start talking.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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