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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #568 – Can One Color Be Remarkable?

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“We could all get a lot more done if we kept it simple.”RBranson

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Saturday happened.  It was the evening and I was thinking about the content for my upcoming newsletter for the Pontoon Girl site.  And I was blank.

It’s winter.  Not much boating going on in the winter, however, you know what I teach… you must be consistent with content.

You see… everything I talk about in the 5C’s, I do myself!  So just because I couldn’t think of anything, did not mean I could pretend my content was unimportant.  It is important.

And that brings me back to Saturday.  I was cold and there’s ice on the lake.  Hummmmmmm that got me thinking about the time I was in Alaska and saw a glacier.  A big beautiful blue glacier.

Blue, hummmm I pondered further.  Ice blue.  Ice blue drinks!  I looked on Pinterest and found great looking BLUE drinks, including hot chocolate… that was blue.  It’s named Elsa… well, I guess there’s “that” song – (Every week I choose a featured boating song) and that drew me into making a very special sweatshirt that’s blue.

You see… my normal color scheme is pink. Very girl pink…

Today’s edition is Ice Blue!

So yes one color can be remarkable!  When you have a framework… you can plug in many themes.

My framework is have an item for sale, a song, one main post, and a photo of the week… this week my theme is blue and the rest fell into place.

Use your creativity!  Even if it is just ONE color.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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