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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #567 – Proud Member of Shawn’s Tribe

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“Greatness Looks Good On You” LReid

Monday: Subject Matter Expert


A new week!  New opportunities to boast about yourself.

Seriously, it is.  Today is Subject Matter Expert Day and we need to focus on positioning ourselves as the expert we are.

Again, sometimes this may seem difficult because we’re often taught not to talk about our accomplishments.

However, would you like to get surgery from the doctor that graduated from Medical School and hangs the diploma on the wall… or…

I can’t even come up with an “or” haha

But you see my point we really don’t get the opportunity to watch a surgeon in action, therefore, we rely on diplomas, articles in journals, word of mouth from others that have had the surgery by this doctor.

So how about your business, what can you do to position yourself as an expert of the “thing” that you do or sell.  After all, someone is giving you money for that “thing” so it’s best to be the expert in the transaction!

The reason I bring this up is I received a very clever representation of positioning yourself.

The salesperson of my most recent car purchase sent me (well, his email list) a two page PDF that was an announcement of his new location at the car dealership.  It included his mission statement, commitment to customers, and his awards.

Short story.  I am the WORST car buyer.  I just hate the whole process and everything about it.

This last car purchase was over 2 years in the “internal” process… I went back and forth on what I wanted… shopped online, rarely went anywhere to visit a car… it was more of a quest.

SO… I found the car, it was slightly over budget… I figured I’d drive there, test drive it… and go away for another 6 months.

Then I met Shawn.  I actually uttered “crap” under my breath.  I knew from the moment he walked toward me that I was going to buy the car.  Don’t ask me why… I have no idea, but something about that encounter was just different.

And I bought the car.

Now here’s the funny thing about Shawn… I knew he was good at his job, as represented on the test drive and the 7 trophies on the shelf behind his desk for top sales.  OR when you wandered over to the waiting area and found brass plate after brass plate on plaque after plaque with his name as top sales for the quarter.

But his humble PDF mentioned in one sentence that he achieved top sales nationwide.

That’s Shawn.

Sometime, when you get a moment, write up your PDF to your customers and just send it out.  It’s OK, we can talk about ourselves.

You see, I’m part of Shawn’s Tribe and I’m proud of it.

Your customers will feel the same way – your excellence elevates your tribe.




Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

PS:  Like my vibe? I want you to join my tribe!
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