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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 414 – Freaks and Scoundrels

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“Freaks are the much needed escape from the humdrum. They are poetry.” Albert Perry

Thursday: Infinity Customer

If you work face-to-face with customers… today’s inspiration is for you!

Today I achieved an all time new low in customer behavior.  Are you ready…

As a reminder we’re a marina.  One of the services we provide are pontoon boat rentals.

So here goes…

A woman rented a pontoon boat. She did not order a ladder. She did not pay for a ladder. She did not ask for a ladder. She signed paper work that declined a ladder.  She left the dock.  It was 64 degrees, windy, cloudy, and we had three downpours, 5 of 9 boats opted for rain checks… so it was terrible “swimming” weather.

About an hour later she came back to the dock, she walked into the store, and said “I want a ladder but I’m not paying for it”  When asked, “why?” -her answer, well, in the “real world” you don’t have to pay, we left the dock there wasn’t a ladder and we were inconvenienced to have to come back to get one, therefore we don’t have to pay.

So now in the “real world” if you simply play ignorant and scam systems, and you get things for free.  If that’s the “real world”, I want nothing to do with it.  She was very upset that she didn’t get her way.  She paid.  (so did we… with her swearing… lots of swearing… etc).

How does this affect you?

Well, we need to reevaluate our avatar – you know… our ideal customer profile.

See… me personally… I want customers that pay. I’m not into this “real world” crap.   I guarantee somewhere in her closet she owns an “adulting is hard” shirt. haha.  But honestly, I do not want people like her anywhere near me or my staff.  At 12:30pm today, my biggest wish was that it magically would be 8pm and we could lock the door.

So instead of locking your door – Quit attracting nonsense!

You need to strategically find customers that align with your business policies and practices.  And you know what that means…?  You must understand what you will and won’t tolerate.

I do not tolerate “free”.   Just like you do not get to eat the entire meal then complain it sucked.  In my store, you don’t get to “complain” that you wanted a ladder when your signature is one inch away from your declining a ladder on a contract!

Business are designed to serve customers.  But that does not mean you have to spend your time “serving” scoundrels and scammers.  When you take control and create an avatar of your ideal customer, your life will improve greatly…

We have an avatar… but I guess I’ll have to reevaluate our policies (and pricing) because it appears that a few freaks decide to join us! (roll eyes)

Thursday is our day to focus on Infinity Customers – these are the people we want around for a long long time.  That means creating your ideal customer avatar is super duper important…  my first recommendation for your “must have” list is… customers that pay!!!!

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