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How Old is an Expert?

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How old do you have to be to be considered an expert?

I was at Disney World earlier this year… Yes it was awesome.  I simply love walking around the stores, trying to figure out what the next big thing will be… 

While browsing, I began a quest for something  to bring home for my niece.  I stumbled  upon Duffy (the stuffed teddy bear) which has been in the parks for a while, but now there are clothes to dress the bear in. 

Here’s a little insight, I’m controlled by the overwhelming need to be the coolest aunt… I have two others to compete with (wink).  But I do like to bring things home that elevate my status from “nerdy old lady” to “I’m not embarrassed to be around you oh beautiful hip aunt”.  Let’s be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever achieve that… But while pondering my purchase two very nice girls stopped at the display.  I’m guessing they were 9ish.  So resorting to “not quite nerd” but “just clueless enough old lady in the store” so as not to evoke the need for “safe words” I ask… “I’m sorry to bother you ladies, but will this fit an American Girl Doll?”  As I held the pink princess gown in front of them.

My goodness… They took it from my hands, held it in the air, went into some girl speak about how it would fit with a slight adjustment to the waist but that it would look amazing on Julie, although it’s not her style – but Maryellen… Yes, she’s definitely wear that” — my head was spinning.  Fortunately, my niece had both of those dolls so I could agree, again, trying to maintain “cool”.

And there it was.  My experts, at that moment in time, were 9. years old.   They had the knowledge of any marketing and fashion expert. They understood branding – remember Julie wouldn’t wear it… They sized the garment… Offered suggestions on proper fit and as quickly as they entered my life.  Poof they were gone.  

This just goes to show you that you can never discount the input of your customers.  Even the small ones… They see the world in an entirely different vantage, and you know what – they get it!


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