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Episode #410 – Create a Kindness with That Unbuttoned Shirt!

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Saturday Try This

Have you ever carried an oversized box from your car to the Post Office and you can see the door, you dread trying to figure out how to open the door…. when all of a sudden someone rushes ahead of you to grab the door and hold it open for you?

How about when you go to the grocery store and you have one carton of milk and you’re standing in line behind the person with the cart so full that the box of crackers tumbles off the top… and they say, “please go ahead of me”.

Then of course, there are the times when you are leaving a parking lot in your car and there is a line of cars bumper to bumper… and someone flags you in front of them!

When these things happen to me I feel such a sense of gratitude.  Really, they are very small kindnesses.  But their impact is tremendous.

My husband gave me this neat hang tag from the dry cleaner.  They replaced the button on his shirt.  They easily could have ignored it, put a note that said “you’re missing a button”, sewed one on and never said anything, or sewed the button and attach the card.

Personally, I like knowing when an extra mile service is done on my behalf.  Just like holding a door or flagging you into traffic… the kindness is wonderful.  Sewing a button is not “hard” but who truly wants to do this?  It’s like when someone loads the dishwasher for you… it just makes you feel all warm inside.  Seek out a way that you can help your customer. Maybe you carry their purchase to the car, add a few reward points to their account, double bag their groceries, recognize a special accomplishment, or even put a bowl of mints on the counter… just do something nice.

Try this!


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Action Steps

1- Find a way to create a kindness at your business… it doesn’t have to be huge, small things often have the largest impact.
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