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Episode #350 – It’s All About You!

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“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried”

Have you tried?

Your quick answer is, “yes… of course I’ve tried… I have a business, don’t I” – sheeh, roll eyes.

Yeah, so how’s your credibility?

Again… you’re thinking “fine”.  I’m in business, people order stuff and I get paid.  Well… if you think that’s the end of the credibility story, guess again.  You may be selling stuff simply because you’re the least expensive, the product sells itself, or maybe you’re the only game in town.  There are many reasons things sell.  You also don’t know how many people are aware of your product but do not buy because they are uncomfortable with if it’s a legit business.

Therefore, answer the question that is not asked directly… I mean, no one is going to send an email that says… “hey, are you real?”  You need to anticipate this basic level of comfort by listing the items that fall in place to build your subject matter expert status.  Awards, titles, and certifications are vital.  They show a third party has endorses your skill set.  Make sure to list these items on your about me page and also on your LinkedIn page.  It’s an easy thing to do!

The other thing to do is share your knowledge via a blog, podcast, or vlog!  This is what directly ties to our inspiration for today.  You watch or read information produced and shared by “other” people and then you get overwhelmed thinking you could never be “that good” so you don’t start… that’s sad, you’ve got so much to share.  So just start. Don’t worry about being “bad” because practice will make you much better!  And while you are practicing you are creating expertise and owning your corner of the web!

Big Money Small Change Success
Character + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers =
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Action Steps
1- Become the expert you are!  It’s ok to be a beginner at positioning yourself… I’ll restate that, it’s only OK to be a beginner if you start!  So get out there and enhance your about me page… today!
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