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Episode #253 – Creation Station! Create a Room with a View

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When I was a kid I loved going to Shakey’s Pizza.

Shakey’s a family restaurant and I can’t quite tell you what the theme was… but there was piano music from, gosh, the 20’s?  It was festive!  AND my favorite part was being able to watch our pizza being made.

I don’t know what it is about watching the thing you’re buying being created – but it’s pretty cool.

Lots of business have a “creation station” and it’s works great for Krispie Kremes, Subway, cake decorating.  Most food places… but when you go to DisneyWorld you can watch artists create cartoons… The photo is DisneyLand and the sweet shop making carmel apples.

How can you include the creation process in your business?  Here’s what we’re going to do at the boat yard next year… we’re mounting a GoPro on our Forklift.  I’ll for sure include the photo of it.  We have a service where the fork lift picks up boats and launches them in the lake.  We’ve been doing this for close to 50 years.  Imagine if we mounted the camera on the forks… and did a wireless transmission to the store waiting area.  Customers can watch the boat splash in the water…

Seems like it would be cool to watch!

It’s a very fun way to interact your product with your customers!  Think creatively about this idea, it could have a very powerful impact!

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