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Episode #241 – Ideas That Go Down The Drain

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If you’ve ever been to San Diego you will remember this restaurant.  Great Breakfast!  But more fun is a trip to the bathroom… you walk in and the music starts.  But there’s also a voice track talking to you.  It’s a little strange, but it’s also highly entertaining.

Even more fun is the sink.

The owners shared a little humor with their saying… “There are two rules for success: 1- never tell everything you know.”  And that’s it.  I loved it.  It took the personality of the main dining room and amplified it.

So my question for you is…

What does your bathroom look like?  I hope it’s clean, duh.  But, does it have personality?  Use this space to bring up the experience of your store to the next level.  I’ve done this at our marina by adding a “welcome” in nautical flags… my goal is to provide an atmosphere that shows our personality, that doesn’t slow down the line.  That is a big concern in places where you have high use.  So be conscious of this…

But if you have the luxury of a longer “staying time” in your bathroom, brainstorm what you can do to make your bathroom a little fun.  Give it a try!


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Action Steps
1-  What can you do to add personality to your bathroom?  Really think about the restroom experience you are creating and kick it up a notch (without increasing the await time for your line)
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