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Episode #223 – Creative Popsicle Post that Makes You Thirsty

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I love finding creative posts that pop up on my social media feeds.  Pieces of information that you see and say, “Yes! They get it” — here’s one…

I mention using the “National day of” as a source of inspiration for your posts when you reach a time when you have trouble with something to say.  Don’t overuse this idea (unless you’re the calendar kiosk at the mall) – but it’s ok to look through the topics of the month and just see if something creative comes to you…

This is a great example!  The Balboa Winery must have someone that loves Cherry Popsicles on staff!  They made this great post about pairing their wine to celebrate National Cherry Popsicle Day!

Who even knew there was such a celebration… but there is!

It’s funny, when you think of Cherry Popsicle Day… you might think of kids at the beach or ice cream cart with melting sticky red sauce on their hands… and that’s why this post is great.  It celebrates the event, but it is VERY unexpected because…

Adults can admit they love Cherry Popsicles, too!

In the spirit of our “Saturday Try This”!  You decide if I mean the Popsicle, Social Marketing idea of using a National Day Of as your inspiration, or the wine…

The reason this is important to your Infinity Marketing Machine is because it engages your audience… whether it’s a new customer or one that you have in your machine, the likely hood of gaining comments and likes from this post is high.  When you have high engagement you build a bond with your followers and this builds loyalty… yes, this can happen because of a Popsicle.

Try it.


SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Look through the National Day Of calendar for Next month… Find one celebration that you can adapt creatively to your business and make a post!
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)


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