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Episode #153 – Create a Customer You Can Be Proud Of

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Why are you trying to be everything to everyone?  Stop that!  As a small business owner you need to focus your efforts AND you need to enjoy what you are doing… on a daily basis.

If you have customers or clients that drive you crazy… why are you working with them?  If your answer is, “because I need to make money.” That’s OK, but you can do so much better for yourself by focusing on who you are attracting.

Imagine if you took your most favorite client/customer and multiplied them by 10.  Every day you had the opportunity to work with best customer instead of yuck customer.  That would be pretty awesome, eh?

Well you can!

This is an interesting concept,  start with a description of your ideal customer.  Describe their age, sex, marital status, geographic location, income level… now, stop and think… can you target your ads on Facebook to find this exact person?  Oh, yes you can.  Advertising really has gotten to a point where you can target your advertising to be very specific.  Remember, there are certain industries you need to be very careful with this process, for example, real estate… so just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Another suggestion is… if you don’t like a particular group of customers that have found you… figure out what you can do to make your interaction better.  Remember,  you do need a base of customers, so train them to work better with your policies and procedures.  For example, if you are not getting paid for work that you’ve done, get larger deposits or payment ahead of time.  If you have difficulty after the sale with a particular area, spend more time educating your customer at the beginning of the sale.  It seems silly, but if you train your customer your interaction will improve.

Again, you’ve got limited time to provide your best self to your customers… take the time to focus your efforts on attracting customers you’ll enjoy working with, it’s not worth your time to simply try to please people!

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Action Steps
1- Describe your ideal customer (create an avatar)
2- What is the one area that you consistently have customer complaints… is there some way to educate your customer ahead, much earlier in the sales process, to diminish this negative outcome?
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What makes a customer ideal?

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