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Episode #131 – There’s a Point Where You Have to Run! Go Drink the Vegetable Stuff.

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Are you ready?  In order to make a change you have to be willing to leave your comfort zone.

So I’ll ask again, “Are you ready?”

The reason we attend conferences and seminars is to make us feel good about “doing something”.  It’s the same reason we go to the store to buy healthy foods, like vegetable drinks, only to let them spoil.  Yes, you guess it… I open my fridge and see the vegetable drink sitting there!  So, we want to make a change, we do something, but we don’t actually do the right thing which is:  Use the information or drink the vegetable stuff.

It’s true!

Think about the last conference or seminar you attended… I’m guessing you have a packet of information from it, including a bunch of notes.  Are you using it?  How about reading things on the internet… Do you use the ideas you find?  I mean, after you read this post, will you decide to take action and run to second???  (I hope so…)

We live in such an exciting time.  I remember doing research papers for school and spending hours in a library looking up articles, first you had to start with a giant “topic” book that listed all sorts of articles by topic, then you had to pull microfiche or archives, then you had to actually find the article, then read the article… but now in minutes the answer is simply a Google away!   You can search for the solution to your problem and get the answer almost instantly… and yet, that’s where we leave it.  Yes, I’m guilty of it too.

I don’t even think it’s “analysis paralysis” anymore… I just think there’s an element of comfort, and dare I say laziness. I’m not being mean.  But when you’re comfortable you are lazy.  And although second base looks nice, stealing it is, well, risky.  If you just wait for the next batter you’ll most likely get there… so it’s comfortable to wait. It’s like the vegetable stuff you buy to drink, you bought it and it’s there in your fridge, but if you just wait until you’re hungry or thirsty or how ever is appropriate to consume it… you’ll most likely get there.

Why wait until “most likely” take your foot off first and run.  You went into business so you’ve got a risky side…

So what the heck?!?!  Today, right now, run.  Second is in front of you… go, drink the vegetable stuff.  Implement that idea you got from the conference you attended 6 months ago.

The reason I mention this is because two months ago I started implementing ideas from two conferences I attended earlier this spring (Icon and Social Media Marketing World) and here’s the unintended consequence, our business has received more positive reviews from customers in the last five weeks than we have received in the previous two years…  so, go though those notes and implement a few ideas.

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Action Step
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