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Evolve or Die

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Evolve or die. Simple concept to understand, but have you implemented it? I mean really looked at your business segments/processes and evolved?  While embracing my morning "what to write about" moment, I came across a 23 inspirations for blog topics. None inspired me... Well, none inspired me at that moment. Hummm... What twist is in order? The article listed one potential source of inspiration as articles you read. I thought, I'm reading this article and I'm not inspired... Then I caught a link on my Twitter feed. It's about how Netflix is on track to winning awards for original programming at the Golden Globes.   That is incredible. Netflix evolved! They revolutionized the industry by mailing DVD's, although a little late to market... They recognized that and went to streaming. Knowing that streaming wasn't enough they have created original programming.   What happened to Blockbuster? VHS tapes to DVD... Then the RedBox model. It just didn't think ahead of the trend fast enough. When Netflix was packing up DVD's and shipping them out was someone "thinking big" and reading scripts for the next big hit? Or were they just trying to meet shipping deadlines? I don't know! But it makes you wonder... And more important it brings it home to your business! Are you simply meeting shipping deadlines... is your industry or part of your industry dying because it won't evolve? Processes are changing quickly, look at photo film! How about the local printing press shop!   Music is purchased a little different these days... The other day I saw a photo from my friend's closet that included a 100+ CD collection "tucked away". I made a comment, and his reply was, "...crazy I still have them because they're all on my phone". Talk about evolution?!! I wonder what happened to the business' that made CD storage units. I remember when you used to display CD jewel cases next to your stereo, like a status symbol! The music industry changed, did the storage unit industry see it coming? It's time to evolve... Where are you ignoring the change? Are you resisting a mobile presence or really having trouble with social media? It's ok to hire someone to help. It's critical to not just keep up but to see what's coming next. That starts with being honest with yourself. It's difficult when you have day-to-day business struggles. But ignoring a quickly changing industry trend may become a business survival no-no! Action plan: Make a quick list of three areas in your business (you've been ignoring) that need attention to create a smoother, better and more streamlined process. These should be easily recognizable... It's probably the things causing you a headache, wasting time, or generating negative comments from customers. As for me? Today I learned you can get great inspiration for blog topics by reading articles!   Check out our website: BigFishIdeas      

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