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The Secret of Success

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The secret behind all successful people is these 6 things, or 11 things or 15 things and a bonus... Really? Do you need a list. I haven't seen the "Dummies Guide To Making a Million Dollars" yet. That's because there is no secret. I was drawn into reading an article this morning... It was 21 things successful people do. It was so lame I'm not sharing it. In fact I got to tip 13 and decided that according to this list being successful didn't sound very fun. Tips like "Limit TV to one hour". Give me a break! The way we watch TV now by splitting attention with our phone, and a laptop, and TV wow... one solid hour of uninterrupted TV may do us good. So what is the secret of success? Work That's it. Is work a bad thing? Heck no. The "tips" lists often imply it is. If you own your own business or love your career it is typically in your area of passion. That's when working long hours gets lost because you really enjoy it. Again, this is why I hate tips like "work hard... be the first in and last out". If you have to put it on a list as a tip to success... Ughhh! Then of course there are my favorite lump of "tips". Save money, live within your means, and set a goal. Can I stop hitting my head against the wall? How about setting your "big goal" as creating success that makes "living within your means" irrelevant and you can create that charity you've always dreamed of or whatever that may be! Sure you need to live within your means... But to me that conjures up "negative" or "do without" thinking. What happens when you simply make a goal to increase your means? Your value of being financially responsible seems a whole lot better, doesn't it?!?! I guess what I'm saying is quit looking for the "one size fits all secret magic checklist to success". Instead, put your energy into finding mentors and role models that have values in alignment with yours that you may learn from and achieve success from. Cultivate your passion with one large goal and make "check points" along the way.   Then just rinse and repeat. Really, it's what you already know how to do!    BTW I'm sorry... I missed a few posts last week... I fell walking. Nothing dramatic, just left in front of right, then pavement. Ended up with 14 stitches. But... now I'm back!    

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