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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #572 – Does Your Marketing Measure Up?

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Saturday: Try This


I’ve been spending the past couple days at the Minneapolis Boat Show and I thought this was a fun marketing example to share.  Our family marina has a small display booth at the show, but, there are moments to sneak away and enjoy the show… this is what I found a break.

If you’re familiar with the RV industry, you’re familiar with “slide outs” – well, the boating industry has jumped on this trend.

There is actually a boat that expands from side to side!  It’s really neat…

You might wonder why you’d want to do this, well, if you’re at a beach it allows your to have even more space to entertain friends.

But exactly how much more space can you get?  Well, the boat expands to 14′ 6″!

How big is that?

That’s when you start to search for a reference… If you’re 5′ 8″ then it’s a little over two of you.  OR if the ceiling is 8′ high, then a little less than double… OR the fact that it starts at 8’6″ and expands to 14’6″ which is an extra 6′ and that’s the height of many people…

It’s hard to get an exact reference to how much bigger that is!

NOW… look at this banner

What a fantastic way to show exactly HOW wide your new boat can be!  There’s a real world “to scale” measuring graph at the bottom of the banner!

When you are looking at a way to demonstrate size, find a way to create a relatable way to do it.

For example…. weight loss!  If someone loses 5 lbs… get a jar and fill with marbles that weigh 5lbs, let your clients hold it!  Let them hold how much 5lbs is!

Try this!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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