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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #566 – Keeping In the Loop

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Saturday: Try This

What’s happening?  I wish there was a sign so I could find out!

I saw this sign at Disney and thought, with all the technology around, this is pretty cool – an old schools sign.

This was in the lobby and it’s attractive and movable AND informative. It helps to, guess what… build a tribe among the guests!  YES a hotel of 500 rooms certainly needs to create a tribe.  The challenge is, everyday their tribe changes.  BUT, one sign like this is an opportunity to provide activities that support the vibe!


You’ll notice that this hotel is a “nautical” theme by sailor Mickey on the sign.  Again, vibe behind the tribe.

So how can you do this?  You’re not a hotel…

Well, if you have download PDF’s online, do they have design layouts that also support your vibe?  Do you have a “schedule” of events that you can share… you may be thinking “arts and crafts” like in the photo… But imagine laying out your next month of “soup of the day”

There are lots of things you already know are coming next, but your customers don’t… so keep them in the loop and build the excitement of your vibe!

Try This!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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