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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode #416 – Look Beyond the Obvious

6- Saturday - Try This! alexa common technology at your business marketing Real world Success tips take it up a level try this

“Look Beyond the Obvious”

Saturday: Try This!

This is one of my favorite quotes.  It was actually a gift from my 4th grade art teacher, Mr. Henthrone.  He had a beautiful art room with this inspiration across the top of the wall.

The thing I like about the quote is that it’s easy to remember and easy to implement.

So how can you look beyond the obvious at your business?  Well, Saturday is the day we explore “Try This” by taking real world examples from real world businesses and the photo is an example I saw at a hotel I stayed at recently.

It’s Alexa!

The same Alexa you have at home… but this one gives you the opportunity to check out a new, unfamiliar are of the town you are visiting.

For years we’ve stayed in hotels with the same style of 3 ring binder that has area churches, grocery stores, and restaurants… but this hotel took it to a modern search.  They installed Alexa with a list of suggested questions.  It really takes it to the next level!

It’s a fun way to bring a common everyday technology to your business.

Try This!

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