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Episode #355 – When a Selfie Isn’t Good Enough

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I know from the back stage tours and seminars I’ve taken from Disney Institute that they do not designate a particular “spot” as a photo stop.  Their reasoning is that everyone would stop in that one area and it would get congested. The next time you walk down Main Street notice all of the people taking photos in front of Cinderella’s Castle, and you’ll see their point.

Tons of people area taking photos!

Well, if you’re experiencing the same foot traffic as Disney World you can ignore the rest of the post… and congrats!  That’s pretty amazing… but for the rest of us, why not create a spot.

Here’s a beautiful area at the Sheraton in San Diego!  Now I’m a little bias due to the background of Safe Harbor Marina… beautiful marina and nice office staff (thanks for the hat!) — anyway, this area is clearly for guests to stop and have their photo taken.

Here’s the nice part, it fits in to the area.  It’s right along side of the sidewalk, and the hedge prevents you from stepping back too far and falling down the hill into the water.  There’s no sign that says “watch out for drop off” and there’s no ugly fence.  You know exactly what the area is for!  It’s a neat little attractive place to stop for a photo.

With so many people taking photos, figure out a place you can create a photo stop.  Don’t think your business is a “photo taking” type of business… create a hashtag and encourage visitors to post.  This could be as simple as a photo stop at the main entrance with the sign in the background… BTW, this doesn’t have to be a major destination, but you never know… it just might become one.

PS: Offer to take a photo of your visitors… when is the last time you had someone offer to take a photo for you?  I mean, sometimes a selfie isn’t good enough.

Try This.

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Action Steps
1- Create an area where visitors can take photos!
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