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Episode #349 – A New Twist on Branding!

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Saturday Try This!

How can you surprise your customers? There are a thousand answers for your one business… but when I was at the ESPN restaurant at Disney… my chicken sandwich became that “wow moment” because it was branded!

How cool is this?!?!

It was not a “buffalo” themed sandwich… the restaurant is not western themed restaurant… and yet, my sandwich had the ESPN brand right on it! I wasn’t expecting it to be branded.  If the sandwich had a non-branded bun I would not have missed it — BUT, by taking that little extra effort, it made my sandwich special!

What happens with a special sandwich? It causes a conversation… I mean look!  You were not at my lunch table… yet you’re experiencing it!  You get to see this very cool sandwich and you can comment on it!

One brand… turns into one photo… turns into a blog post… turns into a “try this” idea… that causes countless other people to think of how they can adapt this type of “WOW moment” at their business… all from one chef deciding to brand a bun on a sandwich.  That’s pretty “impactful”!


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Action Steps
1- take the super ordinary and make it a “WOW moment” – it could be a blank wall in the bathroom… the empty space at the check out counter… or even the hamburger bun.  Just find that “thing” at your business and go for it!
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