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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 644 – Several X Several

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Quote: “Find your JOY & share it!”

Friday: Big Money Small Change


I want to make a viral post.  There’s a good goal, let me hold back my laughter.

The coveted viral post is one that happens… sure you can use a few principles to help it out, such as timely posts… but let me throw a curve ball at you.

Our goal is to create a tribe that “knows, likes, and trusts” us… right?!  Well, when you create a post… how about planning for “viral” in a mini sort of way.

By planning I mean include your “next step” message -whether that’s visit a special product or offer on your website… enter a contest… click a link… you know – the action step you desire.

But what do you do for mini-viral?

Include your customers!

This adorable dog is celebrating his birthday… do you think for a minute that his pet parents let this photo go out without “liking” and “sharing” – No way!

I have a dog and if someone did this for him… OH BOY it would be shared everywhere! It’s so super cool.

So do this… not every one of your customers will share this post – but several will.   Now multiply that by several posts and guesss what you have several x several!  I have no idea what the number will be – but instead of trying for one viral post… you could really make an impact with “several x several”!

And this is FREE!!!  Can’t get any more “big money small change” than that!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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