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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 638 – April Showers and Junk Flowers

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Quote: “Look for treasures disguised as junk”

Friday: Big Money Small Change

A lot of times when you prepare your marketing goal you emphasize the most powerful feature… but lots of times we overlook the treasure.

The treasure is the most common thing.

Now I love this example because it’s actual junk!  It happens to be a very small and often overlooked thing… a water spout… that is transformed into beautiful flowers.

But look at this post, it’s not saying “come buy our spout flowers for $10.00” it’s showing a beautiful photo.   A photo that you understand are flowers, but are not traditional flower colors so you stop and read. That’s when you see they not natural and are actually JUNK!

This type of photo is a great way to capture attention.  But the reason it is such an impactful post is that it’s timely.  Look around your store and see what is timely and wrap your post topic around it.

The junk flowers could be posted at any time of year because the business sells them… however, when you twist your post to revolve around timely topics… WOW you really get a much bigger bang for your buck!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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