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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #571 – Get Paid for Teaching People to Use Your Product

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“Never stop reaching a bit further, faster, and higher.” R.Branson

Friday: Big Money Small Change


Our 5th C is Cash and it’s a fun topic to find great examples on my feeds.  This one stood out because it’s one event with a couple intertwined activities.

It’s a workshop that teaches you how to use a product – BUT, it’s got a twist.  They are promoting how to wear and use a head wrap… and it’s a workshop, however, there’s wine!  So it’s more of a party.

Here’s the twist… because it’s a workshop you buy a ticket, therefore, you make money!  Sure you’re giving away a “free” head wrap with the purchase of a ticket… but that will be built in the price of the ticket.

People are paying money to attend your workshop to learn about how to use your product by actually getting a sample of your product.

AND they’re getting to sample your vibe and since it’s fun you are at the same time building your tribe!


Now it’s your turn:  THINK…What workshop/party can you host where customers will pay to attend, sample your product AND want buy more from you?



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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