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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #565 – Can You Create a Tribeology Home Run?

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“Know the difference between being different & special.”

Friday: Big Money Small Change


I love when I check my feeds in Facebook or Instagram and find amazing posts to share with you!

Since we’re always looking for new ways to increase our money this might be a great idea for you.  Maybe not exactly like it, but if you grasp the spirit you’ll be rocking it!

This post is from a baton twirling group.  Remember, I competed fro 17 years so it’s fun to still follow teams and see how the sport evolves… one evolution is the introduction of social media on the business side.

There’s something in baton twirling called a 1-turn.  It’s when you toss the baton in the air and while it’s out of your hand, you turn around once and catch the baton.  You can do a 2-turn… which is two spins.  3-turn… 4-turn… etc.  YES, the very good competitors get up to 9ish, it’s pretty incredible.

BUT you have to start somewhere and that somewhere is the 1-turn. It’s a milestone. Honestly, it’s the first “real” trick that separates the new students from those on their way to competition levels.

SO, back to the post.  This girl was at practice and caught her 1-turn!  Look at how they celebrated.  The studio has a chalkboard and wrote the milestone on it for the girl to stand in front of the studio logo on the wall!

The caption said “she joined the 1-turn club”

This is a pretty exciting way to showcase your product (lessons) as a brand.  LOOK AT THIS… it’s tribe building.  You celebrate your student’s success and share with your online family so they too can celebrate!  It motivates the girl who achieved the milestone, shows your teaching success, and can create a shareable moment.

And it’s an Infinity promotion. You erase the chalk board and wait for the next milestone… the wall is a great decor item that serves double duty.

This is a “very big money small change” item.

How can you do this?   Use creativity –  like our quote says… make it special.

For me… We have a marina… We could do this by celebrating “my first boat ride” or “my first visit to Lake Minnetonka” create a certificate, award to the customer, and take a photo in front of our sign and post online!

Done consistently, it’s a fantastic content creator!

So let’s see… of our 5 C’s we have…

  1. Character (Subject Matter Expert) – YEP, success at teaching.
  2. Content – YEP – it’s a content generator
  3. Consistency – YEP – it’s going to happen again…
  4. Customer – YEP – the student is celebrated
  5. Cash – it likely will build excitement for others to want to join.

This is a home run for Tribeology!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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