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Episode #240 – Five for Twenty Five or Two Dollars Off, Which is the Better Deal?

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“The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief it will happen .” Joel Brown

What is it that you can do right now to make more money?

You might wonder what that means.  You are producing a product or maybe a service and thinking to yourself… what can I do to make more money, well, I can increase my advertising.  OK.  That could work.  You spend more to hopefully make more.   That’s one option.

Another option would be to lower you price.   Lowering your price is an interesting idea.  It will give you a short term gain.  If you are truly looking to increase come cash, right now, it might be a viable option.  Think about it when the phone rings… give just a little better deal.

What about bundling?  Instead of lowering your price, do a two for one.  How about taking two related products and merging into a “special”.  The reason this sometimes works better is because it gives you the ability to maintain your individual pricing.  Bundling gives your customers a deal and you are still able to go back to your original pricing.

It’s a win-win

You’ve seen bundling before. It’s when you see a T shirt wrapped together with a hat.   Or you buy a program with the computer.  It puts together two related items at a discount.  It’s a great way to increase your money, right now.

You can also look at buying something new to throw into the bundle.  Essentially the new item becomes free.  But rather than reducing by $2.00 the price stays the same.  For example, I sell custom doll shirts.  I create a bundle of 4 shirts and sell for $25.00.  If I create a unique 5th shirt and add it into the bundle.  The reduction of the price to me is just the added cost of $2.00 — I mean which sounds better, 4 shirts for $23.00, Buy now and save $2.00 discount, or 5 shirts for $25.    It’s all the same thing, but the bundle sounds like the better deal.

Now back to my original question, with this twist.  What bundle can you create right now that will make you more money?  Think of three.  Then, all you have to do is decide which one is the best option!


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Action Steps
1-  Bundle, Bundle, Bundle! Get creative and develop three new bundles.  You can use all three or just pick the best one and run a sale!  See what sales you generate, let me know, too!
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