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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 826 – What is the Real Value of a Book?

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Thursday: Infinity Customer

Quote: “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”― Warren Buffett


It’s one of my favorite topics.  Price vs. value.

If you buy a book what’s it worth?

The answer varies, Books are around $25 — however, I just looked on ebay.  If you buy a Harry Potter first edition it’s $1,500.  There is also a set of Napoleon Hill manuscripts for $550,000.

These books have a cover, pages, and binding.

The ironic thing is, we typically want new, and new is more expensive… yet the new book is $25 and the old books are $550,000.

So which book is the best value?

I suppose you could buy the Harry Potter or Napoleon Hill book(s) and resell them and make a profit.  So your value could vary.

But what about the words on the inside of the pages.  What if the $25 book is a book with 3,000 ideas to make money and you use one to make $40, and another to make $300, and another to make $2,500.  The value of this book becomes much higher than the materials comprising the book.

Price vs. Value is a worthwhile conversation.

Price is what a customer pays, but value is what they will receive from purchasing.

Focus on value.

When communicating with your customers fill in the blanks to satisfy what they are looking for, provide value.

Think of you and your competitors as a the paper and cover of a book – but where you will shine is as the ideas in the book!  Make yourself worth more than the paper, give your customer value.

When you provide the most value to your customer the customer turns into the tribe you want. You want people to hang out with you, giving them value, more value they they seek is an excellent way to turn customers into infinity customers!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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