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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 753 – Is Your Customer Video On Point?

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Quote: “Get closer than ever to your customer, so close that you tell them what they need we’ll before they realize it themselves.” Steve Jobbs

Thursday: Infinity Customer

Today’s quote is the heart of what we do here.

Our goal is to create a tribe of people we want to work with… by providing great content on a consistent basis that transforms our customers from “one and done” to “infinity”.

It’s is when they are Infinity Customers that we can live today’s quote.

The moment we know what they need long before they do is when we’ve achieved success in building our tribe…

Let’s take a look at this.

Well, two looks…

I just got done watching a video on YouTube.  It was a suggested video on getting fitted for your first pair of pointe shoes.

I’m not a ballerina.  Although I’ve been on pointe once.  Since I think that’s French, it might be “en pointe” or some other variation… but I’m getting distracted as usual.

My sister danced and studied ballet.  One time I crammed my feet into her shoes, two sizes smaller, to see what pointe was like.  I know, anyone that really studies ballet is cringing now… There are lots of things you need to do before you get to pointe and you can really hurt yourself (so I’ve heard) – but I’m still alive… and my 2 minutes in those shoes probably did more damage to them than me.


Here’s my pointe (get it) — ahhhhhh… I just watched a 15 minute video on how to fit a pair of pointe shoes.  Why?  OMG… it was fascinating.

This woman had a traditional dance store prior to 2014.  It sold EVERYTHING from tutu’s, leotards, and pointe shoes… to everything else you need.

Then in 2014 she said, boom, we’re done.  All we do is pointe shoes.  We go on site to create a custom fit shoe that is proper…. you can visit their store and that’s it.  Pointe shoes.

From a business perspective it was intriguing.  There is a whole ton of knowledge you need to get a proper shoe.  The length of your achilles, the bend of your arch, the width of your toes… it went on and on.  I never knew so many factors created the fit.

But here’s the deal.  She’s got a tribe.  A tribe of beautiful feet showcased in her shoes.

The care and knowledge she shares in this one video is immense.   While you may be able to buy a pair of shoes after watching… you want the whole package.  You want HER to fit your shoes (or your daughters) – you want to visit that shoppe.  This is an event!

OK. You get my point — showcase your knowledge in a video to build the bond of your tribe.

But I said we’ve got to take two looks at this whole video thing… so what’s the second thing.

OK here’s the second thing… how the heck did YouTube know I would enjoy watching this video?  That’s the creepy thought of the day.  The suggested videos are getting a little too good… I haven’t looked up pointe shoes… yet I just spent 15 minutes watching it.

I do believe that YouTube knows me so well they suggested their product prior to me even knowing I wanted it.

Kinda Creepy!

But I still love this store.

Now go make your On Point video.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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