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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 637 – How is the Hotdog Made?

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Quote: “If you want to sell your product don’t pitch its features, you have to feed the customers desire.”

Thursday: Infinity Customer

Oh this will be fun.

Your customer walks in the store, they’re hungry.  You sell hotdogs.  Which will generate the higher sales… focusing on the satisfying the customer’s hunger or telling them how the hotdog is made?


I couldn’t resist that!

However, let’s keep this very short and simple example in our heads as we create our story about our product.

YES… you need to create a story.  At our family marina we have a great service where the customer’s boat is kept in our warehouse and with a one hours notice we put the boat in the lake “valet style”.    This sells the features of the service.  The benefits are that the boat stays clean and it is safe from wave damage in the storms.  Well, both of these tactics, features/benefits are helpful… it’s the story that, “all you do is pack your cooler and hit the waves” that’s feeding the customer’s desire.

We could tell the customer it’s convenient or easy… but letting them do the work of imagining a sunny day, packing a cooler with ice, food, and drinks, and leaving shore is what will sell THEM on the service.

Allowing the customer to jump into the story, meaning they visualize them selves in the story is much more effective than telling them how the hot dog is made.

This style of story marketing also helps with your tribe building… why? Well, you are teaching customers HOW they will be able to use your product.  So from before “day one” they begin to trust you.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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