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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #558 – Nerd Party!

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Quote: “Possibilities do not add up. They multiply!”

Thursday: Infinity Customer

The fourth “C” of the Infinity Marketing Machine is Customer, more specifically Infinity Customer. This is a person that joins your tribe and stays.  They are very loyal and purchase items “over and over and over”.  We like Infinity Customers.

Now… the thing to keep in mind is this… Your Infinity Customer can leave at any time, so don’t neglect your relationship.

It’s important that the information you provide is useful… but the other thing that is important is that you provide items they want to buy!

I was looking on Pinterest a couple days ago and came across this!

Can you see why this is important for us to study?

This is an Infinity Product!  Remember, the infinity product is one that can be replicated over and over.  But I really like this because it’s niche based.  If you had a business of nerds as your base.  This is your product!

T Shirts for science loving introverts that apparently don’t like pants.  haha

But look at the significance.  It’s a gray shirt with different words under a common theme that is niche based.


Learn from this product – because as you want to make money and seek that $1/per month per person on your email list, the infinity product is critical to your success.

Next Step… sit down and brainstorm your niche and the type of product that is desired from your group, then provide it!  If needed, throw them a nerd party!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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