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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #552 – Do You Have a Customer Loyalty Department?

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“One loyal customer is worth ten satisfied customers.”

Thursday: Infinity Customers

I saw today’s quote and it stopped me.  I thought, “yeah… that’s right”.  We spend our days satisfying our customers.

Let’s visualize a restaurant.  The host seats us at a table, hopefully it’s the nicest in the room, and we are presented with menus.  The menus are carefully thought out to strategically have portion sizes, prices, and location in reading pattern to maximize profit.

Our server asks for a drink order, brings drinks. Asks for a food order.  Stops back to check on drinks.  Then brings food… well someone brings food – typically the food runner.  The server stops back and asks, “how is everything?”  If anything is wrong, this is the time to correct the issue.  Next we eat. The table is cleared. And a bill is presented.

The bill is paid. We go home.

Then what?

This is classic “one and done” business implementation.  There is advertising, people eat, they leave.

Now… you can have 10 satisfied customers that never come back.  OR would you rather have one loyal customer that comes back… over and over and over… till Infinity!

How to you gain loyalty?  You earn it.

Satisfied customers know you… but do they like and trust you?  As you build your tribe and actually give a poo about them.  Loyalty will happen.  In addition to building “buy in” – as a quick example, taking valuable space on the menu for your history helps.  You can also name the menu items creatively to your area or business.  On the table you may have a table tent that has more “love” to bond your customers and build loyalty.

The satisfied customer is like an assembly line.  Very predictable.  But the Loyal customer is like an event.  Full of life and energy.

Remember you want streamlined things in your business so you can be efficient… for example, at the restaurant food prep is streamlined.  It’s something that you want predictable, over and over.

Your customers are not a process, they are not to be streamlined.  Customers that transform to your tribe are loyal because remember, they bring life and energy to your vibe.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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