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Tribeology.com – Episode #528 – Why Everyone Can’t Be Quirky… But the Reason You Should Be If You Can!

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“Branding is not about the slogan or the logo, it’s about the personality of your brand” MBard

Thursday: Infinity Customer

Yesterday I received the highest compliment I could receive…. I was called quirky!   YEA.  I received an unsolicited email from a new customer at my PontoonGirl.com website.

I started this site about a month ago and I’m using the principles of Tribeology to shape and grow it.  My goal is to create a vibe where women who love their pontoon boat can hang out and enjoy the social aspects of it with other “Pontoon Girls”.  This includes entertaining ideas and lots and lots of memory making.

Well, this nice lady sent a thank you email addressing the bag she bought. She went on to… and here’s where I #humblebrag, she went on to tell me she the website is “fun, quirky, informative” and she loves all the boutique items for sale.


I could live off that compliment for weeks… well two months… thank you Mark Twain.

My point is this, I did not set out to be quirky – but me, my personality is quirky!  I love to surprise people with odd and random things, therefore, the best part of my tribe is that they enjoy quirky things, too!

Use your personality to it’s fullest advantage and I hope you also receive emails like this, because, darn it – they rock!

Turning “one and done” into Infinity!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Infinity Customer”!
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