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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 505 – Making Your Customer Wait is a Good Thing.

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It’s what you look forward to that best drives you forward. – Tony Curl

Friday: Big Money Small Change

I was looking through my phone for today’s topic for small changes you can implement now at your business.

The biggest thing????


Did you ever have an old Polaroid camera… you’d snap the photo and then put the photo on the counter and wait… wait… wait and after about 90 seconds you could see your image?!?  There was something magical about the waiting.

This type of waiting is a good thing… it makes you bond with the “thing”.  (that’s my technical term) haha.

But it’s true.  You spend your time waiting so you’ve already invested a piece of you in the process.

Therefore, build anticipation with everything you do.  It’s going to help build loyalty.  I like to say “it’s part of the show” — now, this may seem difficult, but it can be very simple.

Last year before the Boat Show started I needed to make an “in person” stop to pay for the weekly parking permit.  The arena was alive with activity… I found the location of our booth space and took a picture, then marked up the photo with “Our Booth #1418 Coming Soon”

Our customers, along with most Minnesotans fighting cabin fever, love to visit the boat show and think of summer.

But it’s more fun to see the show before it’s set up, it’s a “behind the scenes” view… it’s a great way to connect on your Facebook page… and it builds anticipation!

You can do this when a new shipment of products arrive, just snap a picture of the shipping containers and a “guess what arrived” note.

These things are so simple, and they go a long way toward building loyalty!

One final example is a brand new iPhone.

Do you think Apple is incompetent that their box opens so slow?  OR, brilliant because it drives you nutz!  You just bought a cool new phone and you really want to see it, but it takes an extra 9 seconds for the bottom and top of the box to separate.

New Phone Day is the BEST DAY EVER!

So look to ways to build anticipation, you have them, so might as well use them!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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