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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 480 – Do These Three Things to Build Your Brand Strength.

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“Stop promoting your business and start promoting your brand.”

Thursday: Infinity Customer

When you think of a Cheetah, what comes to mind?  Yes – the pattern of it’s coat.  Now imagine a Zebra, or a Giraffe, How about a Cow… then a Dalmatian?  The cow and dalmatian both have spots, yet if you see a photo of just the coats, you can tell the difference!

This is a great way to think about your brand.

Think about how the coat defines the animal… now, what “coat” defines your business?

Your brand is not a logo, but your logo represents your brand.  The brand is the feeling you evoke with your customers.

The better your customers relate or identify with your brand, the more loyal they become and that results in the transformation of customers to tribe.

So… you need to define what your brand is because if you don’t your customers will!

I want you to take a moment to define these three things to help you build that basic foundation for your brand.

1) Target Audience – who is your target audience. Get specific. Come up with an ideal customer profile.  Do this for each profit center in your business.  It helps to get very specific.

2)  Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – What is the one thing you do better than your competition.  OK, you may have more than one or there may be one for each profit center.  But it’s important to define this so you can promote it.  For example, our winter boat storage is scheduled on our customers agenda.  Many of our competitors tell the customer when their reservation date is, we let the customer decide.  This is a USP.

3) Live Up to It – If you show photos of a brand new hotel room and customers show up to find a dingy worn out room you are not living up to your brand.  If you say you do something you must follow through… OTHERWISE your brand becomes dishonest and that’s a huge problem.

Today, as you build your Infinity Marketing Machine, really focus on your tribe building skills by jotting down your answers in the three categories.  It’s critical to help you focus your messaging which attracts customers that stick around a long time!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Money Small Change”!
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