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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode #474 – Create Your Own Closed Market of Customers

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“Chase your Customer, not your Competition.”

Thursday: Infinity Customer

How do you chase something you can’t find?  We’re quickly approaching hunting season.  In Minnesota this is a big deal. We have duck season, deer, and a bunch others… I’m not a hunter but it’s big.

If you’re hunting… you clearly go where your animal is… whether it’s an open field, in a marsh, or in the woods, your animal has a habitat.  It makes sense to go hang out where they are.

Well… we in advertising we use to have a pretty easy time finding our field, marsh, or woods.  It was easy to place an ad in the Sunday paper, the phone book, or on the radio.

But then the internet happened.

Now we could place an ad on many websites, our own website, or even in the newspaper.  It’s very noisy and there are tons of places to put an ad.  When we actually pay money for an ad it’s likely that our competitors are doing the same thing.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a closed market where we’re the only ad?


The Infinity Marketing Machine allows us to create our own closed market!  We have a great group of customers in a location we can find them!  We communicate with them, build trust, and increase sales.

It puts us into a position of strength.  We no longer are reactive to what our competition is doing and instead gives us the opportunity to bond with our customers.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Money Small Change”!
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