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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 420 – Strive to Matter.

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“When my absence has no effect on your life, then my presence has no meaning in it.”

Thursday: Infinity Customer

Your customers need you!  Well… don’t they?

If you can’t answer this with solid “yes” you better find a way to make your presence a little stronger.

Notice how I said make your “presence” known and not make your “product” known?!

If you are relying on the strength of your product you will always be a “one and done” when you adopt the Infinity Marketing Machine you will move toward “infinity”.

This infinity mindset is created through consistent content that your customers desire…THIS makes them a tribe. It turns them from a group of customers into loyal raving fans.

And it is at this time that they desire what you have to say.  Usually it’s interesting information that is relevant to them.  It might be a product that is super helpful to them… but ultimately it’s about them!

And you know what?

If you forget to send something (or it ends up in their junk box) they miss you!  They look for your email you matter in their life!

You want to matter!  When you matter your emails are opened.  Sure, you and boast that you have an email list of 3 billigion people, but if only2 open your message, what’s the point.  Now… if you have an email list of 25 and 22 open your message, that’s a big deal.

You’ll have better success, on your journey to infinity, if you focus on your presence.  Strive to matter!   This journey to infinity is your way to control your destiny.  What an awesome deal – you get control over your future by impacting and making a difference in your followers lives!

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