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Episode #329 – The Reason You Need to Just Be Yourself!

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“Your vibe attracts your tribe”

Ooooooooo we’re gonna have fun.  That’s why we’re a little funky with our decorations!

Infinity customers stick around because they like you.  Well, it’s a little more than that… these are customers that have staying power because you create an environment in which they want to stay!

They love your vibe.

So what’s your vibe?  Well… it’s your message… actually, its the WAY you state your message.  I mean, really… who writes like me?  HA!  My middle school English teacher is getting his red pen out right now to start marking up my blog post… but, honestly – go for it!

I write like I speak.  To me, I focus on communicating as I WRITE.  I’m far from perfect.  In fact, I’m no where near perfect!  But you can pick out a vibe.  You read this because you also have a vibe in sync with me!  WOO HOO!

Wait come back!  haha

If you were the type of individual that wanted perfect prose, you would have stopped reading many many words ago.  You know what else… you’d have missed the point of this post.  The point of the post is… be yourself.  No one can be you!

Be authentic when you are communicating with your tribe.  They need authenticity and they will reward you by staying.  This is the core of the Infinity Marketing Machine.

Now you can go away… just come back tomorrow!  I like having you here.


Big Money Small Change Success
Character + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers =
Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Be yourself when you communicate – it’s the way to turn your customers into Infinity Customers.  If you try to be something you’re not, it will come across as inauthentic.  You need to be as genuine as possible with your vibe.  Just be you!  Now write…
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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