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Episode #317 – Just Because You’re Friends Doesn’t Mean They Read Your Email

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“If you believe your business is built on relationships, make building them your business.” Scott Stratton

Let’s build relationships.  Yea!  That sure sounds like a great idea, but how?  How do you build relationships.  Well, let’s break it down.  You have friends that you enjoy, so think about what makes you like them.  Typically they’re fun and interesting and you enjoy having them around.

Same goes for the process of creating infinity customers.  Notice I said “Process”.  The journey from “one and done” to “infinity” really takes a commitment to the process of building a relationship.  Much like your friends in the real world, you will treat your online customers interesting stories and information that is fun which make them enjoy having you around!

Remember, your customers are in control of whether or not they stick around.  Typically they will want to hang out with your for a long time, but only if the information you provide fulfills their needs.  What are these needs?  Only you can determine this.  Usually it’s found somewhere between “behind the scenes” and “cutting edge you heard it here first” type information.  You know, just the same as your friends!

If your friend called you up and sounded like the Peanuts Teacher, “wah wah wha….” you’d get bored.  Sure, you’d still answer their call, or let it roll to voice mail and maybe listen to it later… but you wouldn’t tell them to leave.  That takes some violation of trust.  Well… how many emails do you have in your mailbox that are unopened?  Be honest.  There are probably a bunch.  So just like the boring friend, you receive emails that you do not open but you don’t “cancel the friendship”.


What does this tell you?  Your behavior as a receiver of emails should give you great insight on how to communicate with your customers (or how not to) so you can provide outstanding, interesting, gotta open it now, information that will transform your customers into infinity customers!  And I mean Infinity Customers that OPEN your emails! 

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Action Steps
1- Entertain you followers!  You don’t have to be goofy or shocking… but give them behind the scenes information in your posts and emails.  Make them WANT to open and read… or even share them!
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