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Episode #263 – Build Loyalty With Content Instead of Focusing on Satisfaction.

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“Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.”

You are building your Infinity Marketing Machine, this means, at the core, loyalty is very important!  But loyalty doesn’t just happen.  You work on it, day after day after day!

It starts with credibility.  Credibility is built with your subject matter expertise.  The ability to share your knowledge elevates your status and this helps position you as the “go to” person!

Next your content and consistency in posting your information helps to prove you’re around for the long haul. You’re not going anywhere, this builds trust.  Your following believes you’re providing great information and that tomorrow, next week or next year you’ll still be providing this great information.  They trust you.

This trust creates a bond and that bond is loyalty.  When you earn someone’s loyalty and they return over and over for great information,  you have the beginning of a great Infinity Marketing Machine!

Customer satisfaction, I’m going to argue is not worthless, as my inspiration says.  It is important.  It’s essential in the “one and done” model of old-school marketing.  If someone was not satisfied, they complained… loudly.  But with the Infinity Marketing Machine you need satisfaction but you really need loyalty.  You’ll never gain loyalty if someone is dissatisfied.  So there is correlation, but it’s different.

I assume you are satisfying your customers.   It’s an unspoken characteristic.  It’s kind of like telling you water is wet.  It’s relevant, but it’s obvious.

Therefore, instead of focusing on satisfaction, focus on that end game goal of loyalty!


Big Money Small Change Success
Character + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers =
Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1-Work on loyalty by work on engagement.  Today create a bonus information series.  Develop a “Top 3” for some aspect of your business… Top 3 things to do… Top 3 stretches… Top 3 Things to Look for as a New Buyer… and email it!  Then post it on your website.  AND create a social media post.  Because… while the basic foundation is customer satisfaction… it’s engagement that will bring loyalty!  Loyalty makes your infinity marketing machine powerful.
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