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Tribeology.com – Episode #527 – What Goes On In Your Head Is Important

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“You become what you think about all day long.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday: Midweek Motivation

So what do you think about all day long?  Do you think about how stressed you are?  Do you focus on the endless “to do” list that awaits you at home?

Stop it.  Break your pattern!

My favorite inspiration is, “What you believe you achieve” – and it’s crazy but it’s true!

If you believe you “can’t” you “won’t”!  And that makes you a success.  A success that I’m sure most of us can agree we prefer to avoid.  Change the focus of your success and start to intertwine new language into your thoughts.

Think positive.  I know… that’s a cliche.  But after all, today is Midweek Motivation, it’s our time to jump in and be ultra positive!

Let’s start with eliminating the “don’t”, “can’t”, “won’t”.  For example, I’ll never win the lottery… Congrats, each time you don’t win you’re successful!  OR how about “I can’t lose weight” – WOO HOO… way to keep the weight on!

It’s time to start LISTENING to what we are saying!  Today, “I’ll find my keys”  Although better not to misplace them… as you are frantically searching, think “I will find them” – and you will!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Infinity Customer”!
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