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Tribeology.com – Episode 521 – Talent is Everywhere.

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“What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle and giving 110% all of the time”

Wednesday: Midweek Motivation


Give it your all 110% of the time is a great idea, but it’s exhausting.  How about expanding your own definition of talent?  Today, I went on an adventure to court.

I know… just a day in the life… but we have a disagreement with our asphalt job so, when disagreements are unresolved… court happens.

Anyway — I was sitting in court and looked down at the floor.  The floors are perfectly vacuumed – I mean the carpet goes up on the baseboard, too – it was clean… in the corners!  Then I looked on the baseboard AND it was dust free.

This was in the area where the public sits and waits… I thought to myself, wow someone has some amazing talent and pride to make it this clean.  I appreciated it.

Next… We stopped at McDonald’s and the gal that took our order was speaking Spanish to the customer in front of us, then took our order in English.  But the first group came back and asked a question in Spanish and while she was talking to us in English, she talked to him… it was amazing – what a gift of languages.  Talent, raw talent.

It may be such a thing that the “hustle/grind” that exhausts us could slow down a bit if we looked at our gifts as talent and recognized them as talents and gifts and started to put them to work.  What I’m saying is, cut yourself some slack… you are talented and surrounded by talent.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Infinity Customer”!
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