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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 901 – Infinity Sellers Put a New Spin on Useful Information

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Tuesday: Content and Consistency

Quote: “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.” Bruce Lee


It’s very hard to create something new.  I mean entirely new.

We think an iPhone is super cool because it came into our lives in what… like 2007?  But what is an iPhone… it’s a cell phone, camera, alarm clock, stop watch, note pad, video camera, level, flash light, music machine… it goes on and on… but nothing is new, it got rid of old technology and put it’s own spin on useful things!

Use this example in terms of the content you provide.

Nothing is new.

Even in my tribe building ideas… an email list is just a database.  Email is a newsletter.  and sending is just mail… this is nothing new!   It’s just gets rid of the unwanted things and puts a new spin on useful things.

When you create content you can find sourcing all over the internet.  Again, nothing is new but the standout articles put a new spin on useful information.

So using this skill, here’s what I did.  I wrote a free guide. Now I’m a little strange, I like writing research reports. It’s an odd “like” but I do enjoy it.  So I wrote a new workbook about marketing for your small store.

Again, nothing new.

But I was writing it as I had my TV on in the background.  And my channel switched to the Hallmark Channel.

I know, it seems strange that it changees on it’s own, but it does.

So there I am watching a Hallmark Movie, and you know you can’t change the channel because regardless of how cheesy the story line, they mesmerize you!

But I noticed something… they have a “romantic” view of marketing…  I’d say delusional view of marketing.  Who has the opportunity to spend thousands of dollars to host a ball to feature your new chocolate chip cookies?  OK I’m all about the chocolate chip cookies, but not for thousands in promotions.

I say set up an email list and sell the cookies to the tribe.  OR keep the cookies and eat them and sell something else.  (can you tell I’m hungry?)

OK but here’s the point.  It annoyed me this marketing that “always works” – UGHHHHH you know how much skill goes into a good campaign, heck yes you do…. you have created your own campaigns the do not involve a ball!

So there it was… my spin for my marketing workbook…   Infinity Sellers – Where Your Small Store Marketing and a Hallmark Movie Collide.


Grab your own copy for free… it’s about 30 pages.  (I told you I like research reports) – it’s an instant download… You can find the information all over the internet, but I put it together into one book with a cute little spin, because I like Hallmark Movies.  OK I just admitted it.


So now – create your very own content based off of useful information, just put a clever spin on it!   OH and go grab my free guide at InfinitySellers.com


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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