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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 677 – Be Consistent to Get Different Results.

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Quote: “Doing today what you did yesterday will make tomorrow the same as today.”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Today’s quote is fun because the result might not always be the same… this is a mind bender that will make you think.

I consistently talk about the need to be consistent when providing your customers with content.  You need to create a bond and this is done by showing up regularly in their email box or in their newsfeed.

It’s no different from the concept of dating someone.  You need to show up regularly to build trust… I mean, imagine if you went out on a great date, got a phone call the next day… then nothing for 3 days… then a call to go out, you go out, get a phone call, another phone call then nothing or 5 days… you’d be left wondering, “what the heck?”

The consistency for content creation works the same.  You need to show up every day.

However… if we look at our quote, “Doing today what you did yesterday will make tomorrow the same as today” – does it?

If you create content today and yesterday and tomorrow, you’re consistent – BUT your bond is getting stronger and stronger!

So BOOM – it’s not the same.  It’s like cutting calories yesterday, today, and tomorrow… you’ll lose weight… the consistency of the act doesn’t make the result the same!

If you want a different result you have to be consistent.  And that’s the mind twister!  Normally if you want the same result you need to do the same thing over and over and over… but if you want a different result you also do the same thing over and over and over — it’s just the “thing” is different!

What am I trying to say?  Create content.  Do it consistently.  You will get great results and build your loyalty. 

You control your tomorrow!




Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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