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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 647 – Create Content at the Next Level.

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Quote: “We teach people how to remember, we never teach them how to grow.” Oscar Wilde

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Are you using your blog, emails, and posts as opportunities to teach your customers?  How about teaching them to grow?

Creating content is important for bonding with your tribe.  But this does not

If you teach them that every Tuesday you have a sale for 50% off… you will affect full price sales.  You actually teach them to only pay a discount.

But if you teach them every Tuesday you have a DIY or “How To” tip you teach them value.   They will bond with your brand, but instead of being viewed as a “bargain hunter” site you become a go-to for useful information.

Both pieces of content are consistent.  They both come out on Tuesday – but one teaches to not pay full price and wait for the guaranteed discount, while the other teaches VALUE and shows you are invested in their growth.

This is how you bond with your tribe.

Create content that is valuable to your customers personal development by educating them and fostering their growth!

You will become valuable part of their week and that’s a high compliment.

Give this technique a try with your content creation.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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