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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 641 – Pick Your Buckets!

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Quote: “If you are consistent, you will get results.”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Yesterday I started my interview season… and it got me thinking about consistency, more specific what does consistency mean.

A great way to conduct an interview is to keep a list of questions and ask each candidate the same questions.  It helps you develop a baseline from which to compare their compatibility and find the best rise to the top.

Well… while the questions are the same, and you get the general topics covered.  That is where consistency ends.  The answers change the course of the interview wildly.

And the same happens when you provide content to your audience.

Let’s use today’s quote as your guide.  Let’s say I ask, what does the quote“If you are consistent, you will get results.” mean to you?

You will answer in a different way than I would answer.

So while the question is consistent, the answers will go all over the map.  That’s the fun of consistency in content.

This is why you need a content plan!

The content plan keeps you on track.  Think of content like buckets.  Buckets that you an fill with articles or posts.  For example I use the 5 buckets… credibility, content, consistency, customers, and cash — Each day has a topic and I write within the topic.

This consistency helps you as a reader to anticipate what “tomorrow” will bring… it’s comfortable.  It’s a surprise as to “what” the post will be, but you have comfort in understanding “why” the information is provided!

Stop and do this.

Make your broad topics.  Select 3 to 6 buckets that you know you can fill and then all you have to do is fill them!

SO make it your goal for today to pick your buckets!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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