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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #580 – You Want to Create Posts, But Don’t Know When… Here’s the Secret!

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QUOTE: “Successful people make sure everything they do in the short term is consistent with where they want to be in the long term.” – Brian Tracy

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Just like yesterday’s post, I happened to be browsing an online group that I’m in and found a great post.  The person asked a question regarding a new blog.  They don’t have a blog but they want to start one.  However, they’re worried that only one post will look lame.

You may think that… however, it won’t!

This person was wondering if they should post more often, just to get content up and running.  Nah… that may be a nice short term gain.

HOWEVER, we’re here for long term wins.

As I’ve said in previous blog posts, if you post a bunch, let’s say Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, then don’t post again until Tuesday… followed by three in a row then next Monday.  You look like a crazy poster!

You need consistency, you need to teach your audience when to expect you!

This is critical.  The biggest thing is to maintain the schedule.  Now, I post everyday and that’s a bunch – but I used to post once a week and I couldn’t get into the swing of it.  It was hard.  When I post daily, it’s just a part of my rhythm.

Now, that is a whole bunch to ask of someone, and that’s not my intention, I just say, pick your schedule and stick to it.

You see, the date/time is stamped on your post so if you only have one – but it’s within the past week, your visitors will understand it’s a new blog!  If that “one” post is from 3 years ago, they’ll know the blog is dead.

Pick your platform, pick your schedule, and post!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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