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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #574 – You are Making Noise… EVEN WHEN IT’S QUIET!

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“Progress is often silent – not loud.”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Have you ever gone to a sporting event and on the big screen there’s an exciting graphic that reads, “Let’s Make Some Noise!” and the crowd starts to cheer and go crazy?

OH, if we only had that when we write a newsletter. haha

Have you noticed the trend that you send out a newsletter and you hear crickets… lots of empty noise.  You begin to wonder if anything you do makes a difference?

You spend all sorts of time writing a blog post or a full newsletter and you are able, via your stats, to see people open it, but you have NO idea if anything you’re doing makes a difference.

We are all there!

But guess what… last weekend we were working our booth at the Boat Show and received the nicest compliment from a visitor.  She asked, “are you the Tonka Thursday people?”

We started a newsletter about 18 months ago.  We send it out every week.  The focus is on activities happening around our lake for the upcoming weekend.  Some weekends are more difficult than others to come up with content.


We create a newsletter.

This woman was thrilled to have “found” us at the show.  She has a cabin on the lake so she does not get a local paper.  But she glows with excitement talking about receiving our newsletter.  She said, “I look forward to it.”

The gal that puts in the hard work of creating it was right there in the booth to hear this feedback.  This is a moment you never forget.  The moment you hear your hard work matters to someone on a personal level!

We had another customer that stopped by, and I knew he had read the newsletter because he mentioned a photo we used.  I remarked that he read it… he said, “I always read it”

I’ve even had people that are out of state for the winter (smart people since it’s suppose to be -27 tonight) but they are “snow birds” and it’s a way for them to stay connected to the area and to us!

You are doing valuable tribe building, especially when it’s silent on your end.  Every communication you create builds a bond because you are sharing your vibe.  It does make a difference.

So get out there and make some noise!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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