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ProfitCenterCoach.com – E490 – Four for One Please.

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“Be careful of your thoughts, they may become words at any moment”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency

Today’s inspiration has inspired me in several ways so I’m going to have some fun.  Tuesday is when we focus on two C’s of the Infinity Marketing Machine – that’s Content and Consistency.  These two are vital to creating great information to transition your customers into a loyal tribe.

Tribes like one leader that motivates them.  It’s important for you to have a strong sense of where you are going as a business to have customers follow you, and support you.  If we look at today’s inspiration it has several hidden meanings.

If I say it out loud, depending on your mood you could interpret it as a “get motivated” set of words.  Seriously, you better be careful your thoughts can become words!  If you have negative thoughts… “Ugh, I don’t want to slip on the ice” and thing you’re sitting on the ground.  OR “I will get the orders done and shipped today” and you do!  Your words are vital to your day.  I like the phrase, “what you believe you achieve.”

Next… when we read today’s inspiration we learn that our thoughts translate into words that can be interpreted very different depending on the listener.  At our marina we sell inner tubes and rafts.  We sell them inflated because our customers are heading on the boat and it is a huge convenience for them!

We also sell gasoline.

When we sell a tube, we need to replace it on the display.  We do this by taking a new tube out of a package and using our air compressor.  I refuse to say “blow up a tube” we “inflate a tube”.  This is critical because of my aforementioned “what you believe you achieve”.  Maybe it’s strange, but we sell gasoline!  Let’s eliminate the phrase “blow up” ok?!?

Now, the funny thing is… I’m very aware of this phrase, but you know what happened last week?  I was at the doctor to have the sun damage on my skin checked.  He asked, “what do you use?” and I said “suntan lotion”.   He had the exact same look of disgust as I do when someone says, “blow up a tube”.  He said, “sun block or sun screen” — HA!  Yes, I got my philosophy thrown against me… be careful of the words you choose.

Finally, my third example of a meaning behind today’s inspiration is this… take it as a challenge.  Careful… your thoughts can become your words!  You sit and look at a blank paper or blank screen, but as soon as you type or write your words it becomes a blog post!  So go for it.

What you see is not always what you get.  We just discussed that today’s inspiration can be a motivational quote.  It can be a challenge to get you to write a blog post.  It can also be a word choice selector and that words to one mean something different to another.  And finally these three examples show that we create a fourth example that the first read needs a second so you don’t operate on assumptions.

Today, do all four in one!  Be inspired to write a post that is motivating, but think about your word choice so you don’t catch someone off guard!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Midweek Motivation”!
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